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elegant femdom


Clip Length: Princess Lucy trampl  Date: Aug 19

Princess Lucy tramples the slaves cock in her sharp high heels.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 16

Princess Lucy just arrives home from the shopping. The lowly slave is locked under the cock box waiting for his superior owner. When Lucy arrives she takes off her coat sits up on the table and makes the slave lick her sexy red high heels clean. He mus lick off all the dirt from the street. Excellent POV views and quality.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 13

In this video princess Lucy feeds the slave with her bare feet. The first plan was that he only can watch in uncomfortable position, kneeling with his head and hands locked in a stock during princess Lucy consumes the delicious cake but this spoiled superior girl does not like what's on the plate so she generously decides that give all to the idiot so she put down the plate on the floor in front of herself smash it completely and allow the slave to eat it from her feet. She observes from above sipping her drink like a queen.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 10

"Change my shoes you idiot !" command given to the slave by princess Lucy. He must take off the mistress' elegant red high heel and get her black ballerina shoe for her. The task might be easy for him but totally foiled on the ground helpless is more difficult. He act like a stupid worm as he tries to remove the shoes with his mouth than grab the flat shoes and tries to put on the perfect feet. Lucy just sits on the chair watching the lowly male how pathetic and ridiculous he is slobbering at her superior feet. She keeps urge him to increase his humiliation and make fun of him. Excellent female domination clip with lots of close-ups.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 07

Poor slave is foiled totally, helplessly lays under his goddess feet. Even his head is covered with foil with only a hole at his mouth to let him breath. He can breath until the princess let him to do. She is towering above her and enjoy the power how she can manipulate his breathing with her perfect sexy feet. She puts her stockinged feet on his mouth and check her watch how long is he able to keep up without air. She gloats over him as he struggles and writhes like a worm.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 04

This humiliating femdom game is one of princess Lucy's favorit. She knows that this idiot is dote on worn shoes and female foot odor so the rules are simple. The handcuffed slave must crawl on the floor like a worm on his belly. He is allowed to smell and worship the princess worn shoes and hosed feet if he'll reach it. He act like an eartworm at the feet of his superior mistress. While he struggles down under Lucy pours hot wax from a candle on his back. His ugly face shows clearly how painful and humiliating is this sessi for him.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 01

Princess Lucy the stunning superior mistress sits at the table smokes and uses her personal maid as a human ashtray. The maid must kneel humbly with open mouth like a totally idiot waiting for ashes.







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