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elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Nov 20

Mistress Demona allows the slave to remove her boots and smells her sweaty black hosed feet. She has been wearing these boots all day long so the pungency of her foot odor spreading all over the room and it was amazing even behind the camera :)The lowly male eagerly sniffs like a good puppy.



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 05

Lady Lucy uses again her human ashtray. She sits on the table in sexy position dangling her sexy red shoes and humiliates the naked slave who kneels in front of her with open mouth to serve. She smiles at him as he prostrates himself under her.



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 02

Princess Lucy tries her new sissy maid how "she" works as a human ashtray. She rings the bell and the idiot must bring her cigarettes. The maid crawls under the table where he belongs and open his ugly mouth for her mistress to use.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 30

The young man-hater supreme princess Lucy decides that she does not want see males anymore so all her maid must wear women clothes and must act like a women when serving her. First lesson for this idiot to take on her new clothes by Lucy strict instructions. The loser has hard time trying act like a girl. Lucy laugh at him and humiliates him. She check him like they were at a slave auction. He must walk in high heels, kneel down, spin around.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 27

Princess Lucy spent her all day shopping the presents for Xmas so the tan nylon in her ballerina shoes got pretty worn and sweaty. When she arrives she orders the slave to crawl under the cock box and smell her tan hosed feet from under while she relaxes on a chair. The excellent scent of a superior female mixed with the odor of the shoe's insole is intoxicating and amazing what is the best gift ever for the foot fetishist.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 24

Mistress Demona tramples the slave very hard in her sharp high heels. She is in very bad mood today so has no mercy at all. Cruel hard full weight trampling in pumps. The slave cries and screams from the pain.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 21

Princess Lucy continues the humiliation of her maid. She teaches him how to greet properly a real lady not a pathetic clown like him. She call him "little princess" shows her how to walk like girl and how to serve the superior sex.







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