elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Apr 22

"Change my shoes you idiot !" command given to the slave by princess Lucy. He must take off the mistress' elegant red high heel and get her black ballerina shoe for her. The task might be easy for him but totally foiled on the ground helpless is more difficult. He act like a stupid worm as he tries to remove the shoes with his mouth than grab the flat shoes and tries to put on the perfect feet. Lucy just sits on the chair watching the lowly male how pathetic and ridiculous he is slobbering at her superior feet. She keeps urge him to increase his humiliation and make fun of him. Excellent female domination clip with lots of close-ups.



Clip Length: Lady Jessica orders   Date: Apr 19

Lady Demona foot smothers her victim who is trapped under her chair.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 16

Lady Demona prepares for a date with a handsome guy in the evening so she need to polish her fingernails and the dirty shoes would be also embarrassing in that elegant restaurant, so she put up her legs on the table and get the slave licked it clean while she painting her nails.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 13

After the date when mistress Demona arrives home she orders the idiot slave to remove her shoes and smell her well worn sweaty tan hosed feet while she chat with her friends on the phone.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 10

Princess Lucy just arrives home from the shopping. The lowly slave is locked under the cock box waiting for his superior owner. When Lucy arrives she takes off her coat sits up on the table and makes the slave lick her sexy red high heels clean. He mus lick off all the dirt from the street. Excellent POV views and quality.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 07

Cruel pony training with the tall stunning lady Jessica, she is very sexy and tall mistress pretty heavy weight for this skinny weak loser pony slave. She sits on his back and makes him go around the room in circle. Poor skinny male barely can move, struggles and crawls like an undernourished horse. He tries to do his best but not enough power and no mercy at all for him. He must go around and around until he collapses from fatigue. Jessica sits on him like a queen, supercilious awaring of her supremacy.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 04

Princess Lucy tramples the slave's cock in her sharp high heels.







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