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Clip Length: Humiliating punishme  Date: Jun 23

Humiliating punishment with lady Demona. She slap the slaves face hard and spits into his open disgusting mouth as he bearing it humbly. She also laughs at his humiliation.



Clip Length:   Date: May 13

Lady Demona gets the slave kneel in front of her and slap him hard in the face.



Clip Length:   Date: May 10

The slave must push his cock through the hole of the cock box, hold it standing in front of his superior mistress. Demona sits on the chair and torment the poor male cock and balls. She kicks it, slaps it with her shoes, push her high heels into it causing cruel pain for him. Hard cock and ball torment with the stunning lady Demona.



Clip Length:   Date: May 07

Lady Jessica the tall sexy young mistress arrived in black ballerina shoes and jeans with black nylon stockings. She wore this shoes and stockings all day long so it became a little sweaty and smelly. She sits down on the chair and make the loser skinny male to prostrates himself in front of her and sniffs her smelly nyloned feet. She dangles her flat shoes and have him put his nose into the insole of the shoes too. than her stockinged feet. The footslave does his job eagerly like a good puppy.



Clip Length:   Date: May 04

Lady Demona was invited for a bachelorette party at the weekend, so her new shoes got a little bit dirty. The dirty from the floor of the pub during the party stuck on the sole of her shoes, not to mention the women's toilet. Lots of disgusting thing to lick it off. So when she arrives sits on the chair orders and hold her feet in front of the slave's face and commands him to lick all the dirt off even that chewed gum like sticky . Excellent fullHD quality clip for shoe fetish fans.



Clip Length:   Date: May 01

During the break I decided to put my legs up to the table and have a smoke while resting. But since I like very much humiliate the inferior sex just like this idiot house slave next to me, I ordered him to kneel down and used his disgusting mouth as my ashtray. At the end I make him swallow not only the ashes but the butt too. :) xxx Demona.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 28

Princess Lucy the stunning superior mistress sits at the table smokes and uses her personal maid as a human ashtray. The maid must kneel humbly with open mouth like a totally idiot waiting for ashes.







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