elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Sep 11

Mistress Demona bought new boots so when she arrives she sits on a chair put up her boots and orders the slave to lick it clean and chew all the dirt from them. A leash is tied to the slave's balls and she pulls him up hard to make it more difficult and when the rope gets loose and comes off from the little penis she starts to beat him with the end of the leash. She beats his cock and balls making hard pain for the slave.



Clip Length:   Date: Sep 08

Mistress Lucy sits on a bar stool towering over the skinny lowly maleslave. She is very excited because she has a date with a good looking guy so everything has to be perfect including her shoes.She commands the foot slave to clean her elegant high heels perfect shine while she talk about the upcoming date. The slave who is in love with this stunning sadistic lady is tormented not only physically by licking the dirt off the shoes but mentally too.



Clip Length:   Date: Sep 05

Lady Lucy sits on a bar stool and make the slave to smell and worship her black hosed feet.



Clip Length:   Date: Sep 02

The young stunning dominant Princess Lucy torments the penis of the slave in sexy black high heels. She stand on a table and steps on the poor male's cock and also dig her sharp heels in his it.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 30

Lady Lucy orders the slave to take her smelly warm socks off with her mouth and worship her bare feet. The male tries to do his best to fulfill the princess command but with a mouth It's not an easy task. But then he gets the reward the smelly sexy feet to worship.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 27

Lady Lucy trains the weak skinny slave as a human pony. She sits on his back and make him go around and around until the exhausted pathetic creature collapses from fatigue.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 24

The loser skinny slave's only purpose in his pathetic life to serve the superior ladies. In this clip he suffers under princess Lucy's perfect feet. She sits on a table above the male and put her bare feet on his face and mouth taking the air away from him and make him intense smell of her female foot odor. Lucy likes very much this kind of situation especially the sight of humiliated males under her feet.







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